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The  Lega  Italiana  Calcio  Professionistico (Italian  Football  Professional League)  was constituted  in  1959.  There  are  currently  69 clubs associated with the league, of which 33 in the 1st Division, 36 in the 2nd Division.
"Why do you need this system to combat fraud in soccer? Illegal betting is a business that is worth U.S. $ 500 billion a year. Would you trust yourself? I'd not. "
Dr Francesco Ghirelli
General Director 

Education, prevention, training, and control:
– Presidents of Clubs and Executives
– Players and Young players
– Referees
1. INTEGRITY TOUR. The work has been developed with the fruitful synergy
with INTERPOL, FIFA, UEFA, UISS and GISS. In three months of operation,
the Integrity tour, reached 30 cities and met 30 clubs with more than
3,700 people, including players, managers, coaches, referees, presidents,
youth sectors and schools. The LegaPro in the last 2 years has increased
the work on the ground thanks to the support of its 69 clubs. The
continued vigilance and enforcement efforts allowed 1200 matches to be
monitored by Sportradar and only one error message detected.
2. STADIUM WITHOUT BARRIERS. The reform of Italian soccer and the
project of stadium without barriers: the LegaPro indissoluble union is
pushing ahead with its 69 Club. The main theme is the situation of
stadiums and sports facilities in Italy. Activities are planned to develop
and increase discussions on how to design new sustainable multi-functional systems, and to push for stadiums without barriers in order to
foster and improve the involvement of disabled people, families, women
and children.

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