Eco-Products Exhibition 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Il tema della prossima fiera sarà

“Eco-Products 2013 – Shaping Our Future Now”

Introduzione dal loro sito web:
"The “environment” has become an important point of view essential in developing economic growth strategies and Japan’s advanced environmental technologies and businesses have acquired the potential to contribute more than ever to sustainable economic development both domestically and abroad. Moreover, the role “environment” plays has become significant in the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake as well.
Last year, the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, which sets the framework of the measures against global warming, ended. We are now in the second commitment period, and in the coming November, the 19th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP19) will be held in Poland. In the above trend, our country is to voluntarily work for the prevention of global warming, while on the other hand, deal with this issue for the realization of a sustainable society on a global scale.
The Eco-Products Exhibition, which has been held annually since 1999, marks its 15th anniversary this year. While the policies of various countries are discussed and implemented on an international scale for the economic development focusing on the environment and the solution of the issues of global environment, in our country, companies and environmental organizations are making positive efforts and citizens are conducting environmental activities incorporated in their daily lives.
Under these circumstances, the 2013 Eco-Product Exhibition will be held with the theme: “Eco-Products 2013-Shaping Our Future Now.” In order to preserve the earth that nurtures humans and various other life forms for the next generations, it is important for us to think about a better “future” for the earth, and question anew and act “now” for the creation of businesses and development of technologies to solve the environmental issues, development of sustainable societies and communities, and ways of living that make coexistence with nature possible.
At the 2013 Eco-Product Exhibition, new environmental businesses, technologies, know-how, and lifestyle tips, and others for the above will be presented under one roof. We look forward to seeing those of you who want to create, together with us, a sustainable, long-lasting future.
Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
Nikkei Inc."
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