1st Sustainability Check-up for CNA Emerging SMEs

The 1st Sustainability Check-up for CNA Emerging SMEs

FAIR presents the following project in order to support the young entrepreneurs of today, leaders of tomorrow:

  • Launch a project that encourages and supports the sustainability excellence in handicraft
  • Give young entrepreneurs the tools to compete in complex markets on the basis of sustainable and responsible innovation.
  • Constitute a systemic environment through which facilitating the dissemination of the sustainability culture in key competitive areas.
  • Support Young Artisans and emerging SME leaders of the Made in Florence and Made in Italy

The Research.  The research, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Economic Geography, PIN Prato, University of Florence, has the following objectives: identifying the state of the art and the value given by young entrepreneurs and artisans of the province of Florence to sustainable business and CSR themes and issues. A first overview of the results will be presented on October 31st , 2014 at the Workshop on CSR and Sustainable Business for CNA emerging firms.
Designed and promoted by
FAIR. A voluntary nonprofit association whose mission is to promote the culture of sustainable enterprise and social responsibility at an Italian and foreign public, especially of young entrepreneurs. Since the beginning of its activities in the fall of 2012, Fair has promoted more than 20 free seminars and six workshops involving an audience of over 700 people, engaging over 60 stakeholders.
With the scientific support of
Economic Geography Lab, PIN Prato, University of Florence. The lab, in its start-up phase, is coordinated by Prof. Francesco Dini and formed at the “Keith Pavitt” Economics of Innovation Lab coordinated by Prof. Lombardi. Among the activities, it promotes research on issues related to the intersections between sustainable development and areas of business, society and the environment, and transactions towards sustainable and resilient spaces.

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