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FAIR Academy: coming soon

Fair School 2021:  Continua il progetto Fair School 2021 per lo Sviluppo di Idee Sostenibili e Innovative in Classe. Conclusasi la prima fase con i 3 webinar per lo sviluppo delle idee, il prossimo appuntamento a fine aprile con l'Hackathon di primavera

Pubblicazioni: Springer e IntechOpen
FAIR partecipa alla pubblicazione dell' Encyclopedia of the UN SDGs lanciata da Springer con assistenza editoriale e contributi a sul focus su due target dei diciassette. 
SPRINGER Decent Economic Growth 

Circular, Sustainable & Innovation Tracking 

Sport & Sustainability: Call4startUp
Call for innovative startups in Sport from the Italian Olympic Committee 

Energy: Fast-Track Energy Transitions to Win the Race to Zero 
World Energy Transitions Outlook outlines global strategies towards carbon-neutrality and leads way to a climate-safe 1.5°C pathway by 2050

A strategy of start-up
How to manage a new business as an agile learning process?

Linking Entrepreneurial Innovation to Effectual Logic
The main finding of this research affirms that the two most linked innovation approaches to effectuation are “lean start-up” and “design thinking”, compared to “frugal innovation” and “disruptive innovation”

Mind the gap: Towards a systematic circular economy encouragement of small and medium-sized companies
 The result reveals four strategic groups of SMEs, namely CE frontrunners, fast followers, a late ma-jority and laggards, which provide a basis for policy makers, intermediaries or cluster representatives

A quantitative framework for Industry 4.0 enabled Circular Economy 
The objective of this research is to put in relation the I4.0 and CE paradigms to understand the link between the two topics and envisage a new framework focused on circularity among supply chains 


EU Circular Economy Action Plan

For a cleaner and more competitive Europe

EU Circular economy Stakeholder Platform 

Leading the way to a global circular economy: state of play and outlook
EU Commission

EBA Guidelines on loan origination and monitoring

Sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector
EU Commission 

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